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fuck distance. 

Sherlock AU: It’s the day of Sherlock and John’s wedding and Sherlock receives a call from a familiar voice.

au: from time to time the girls leave voice mails for beth, even though she’ll never hear them

orphan black au || lots of things changed after Isabelle was born. cosima went back to school, got rid of the dreads and got “basic lasik”.  delphine still gets nervous when the girls come over though.




The last words said by Black youth murdered by policemen. 

This shit is chilling and made me tear up.

the shame of a nation!!!!!!!!!!!


OB AU: When Sarah is sixteen Siobhan gets a knock on her door. It’s taken years, but her pipeline finally found the last one. Another Project LEDA child to hide.


Fuck Yes, Always: Castle/Beckett Appreciation Week - Day Seven

AU - Castle & Beckett got married in the Hamptons, flew to the Maldives, and had an amazing honeymoon.

Don’t kill yourself, please.


If you’re suffering from depression and are looking for a sign to not go through with ending your life, this is it. This is the sign. We care.

If you see this on your dash, reblog it. You could save a life.

Mini Game Mayhem.
by Sindre Johnsen.



this is literally the greatest subtitling job that has ever been done. someone learned how to speak cat.

*laughs irl*